Thursday, September 25, 2008

Alex is 4 months old!

As of yesterday, Alex is 4 months old. The time is going by way too fast. He is such a sweet and fun baby. He really is so easy and cheerful. This is my favorite baby age when they play, but are not yet able to get around. I am so very thankful for this beautiful baby boy that Heavenly Father has sent to our family!

Alex went to his first hockey game to celebrate him being 4 months old! Okay, we would have gone anyway, but it sounds good. He was wonderful the whole time and the Ducks won. He is wearing his brothers new beanie hat that is way too big, but it looked cute anyways.

Alex was all tuckered out by the end of the game. Aunt Cathy was in heaven holding the cuddly sleepy boy!

Alex loves to play with his little floor play gym, but he doesn't stay on it anymore.

Here is a picture of Alex right after he rolled over.

Alex is also getting good at sitting up. He is still a little bit wobbly and folds mostly in half, but we're getting there.

Here is a small video of Alex laughing. He is very ticklish, and before I pulled out the camera he was laughing histerically. I still caught a small laugh. I love the sound of laughing babies!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Alex is rolling over

Alex has finally figured out how to roll from his back to his tummy. He has been rolling from is tummy to back for a while, but now he can do both. He has been so close for a long time, but he is very content to be on his side, so he never really tried that hard. This morning he figured out how to do it and now every time I put him down, he immediately rolls onto his tummy. He is very funny, because he can lift his head up very well, but he also wants to be on his knees. He hasn't figured out how to do both at the same time, so his poor little face gets smashed into the floor. He goes back and forth between lifting his head and pushing up to his knees. He eventually gets fed up and just wants to be held. It is amazing how quickly they learn to do things. He is already growing up too fast. I want him to stay my baby. I love all of the first year milestones though.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Andrew the baby magnet

Kids and especially babies have always loved Andrew. For some reason he always makes them laugh. We can be anywhere and he will see a baby and make the baby laugh. It doesn't matter if we know them or not. My neice Madelyn especially thinks he is funny. He just has to be around her and she will start laughing histerically.

Tonight it was especially cute when Andrew was playing with Alex. Alex was laughing harder than I have ever heard him laugh before. We all couldn't help but laugh along. Laughter is definitely contagious, and there is no better sound than the laughter of your children. I love when my kids are so happy.

I hope that Andrew continues to have this effect on babies his whole life. I think it is adorable.

Big vs. Little

So Malea lately has been telling us how big she is. When she wants to do something on her own she says "no my do it cause I'm big." Yesterday however, it was a very different story.

She will not sleep in her own bed and always ends up in bed with Andrew, because we will not let her in our bed. Poor Andrew. We told her that she is a big girl now and needs to start sleeping in her own bed. She said "no my not big, my little." That was the end of that.

Later, Steve and I were talking about how she hasn't been taking naps lately, and by 5:00 in the evening she is horrendous because she is so tired. Steve said "Malea you need to take naps, that is what little girls do." She said "no, my big!" Steve said, "If you're big than you need to sleep in your own bed." Her reply was, "no my a little girl who doesn't take naps!" There is no fooling Malea.

She is one of the most stubborn children on the planet. She keeps me on my toes.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Daniels' Dictionary

So I am totally stealing this idea from my friend Adrienne Ballantyne, but I thought that it was cute and a great idea. These are some of the silly words that my kids use and their definitions. Kids always come up with some of the funniest words and I wanted to be able to remember them.

Bumper Beds= Bunk Beds

Puter= Computer

my= I

noodles with orange sauce= Macaroni and cheese

Malea always ads an "ed" to the ends of her words. For example, insted of saying "I cried," she says "I cry-ed." Actually it would be "my cry-ed" because for some reason she says "my" instead of "I."

I just love kids language. These are just a few that I could think of off the top of my head, but I will try to update the list as I remember or hear more.