Friday, September 10, 2010

Back to School

Okay so I know school has been in session for almost a month now, but I am lame and don't update my blog enough. So anyways, here is the back to school post. Andrew and Malea started school on August 16th. Andrew is in 2nd grade and Malea just started kindergarten.

Andrew is in a 2/3 combo class this year, which made me very nervous at first. He doesn't mind at all though and is thriving. His best friend is also in his class, so he couldn't be happier. He is doing a lot of 3rd grade work and is very smart. He is starting to read chapter books and loves doing math. He is always reminding me how smart he is.

Malea is thriving in kindergarten and comes home every day with things that her teacher "told" her she "has" to do. A lot of times they are just things that she wants to do, so she fibs a little and says that her teacher said so. We have been having a lot of discussions on telling the truth and about what a lie is. She is so funny. She is learning very quickly and loves going to school every day. She is also quite the social butterfly and has made tons of new friends. I think her favorite part of school is the socializing part.

Alex doesn't quite know what to do with himself now that he has no siblings to play with in the morning. It was rough the first couple of days, but now he's used to the routine. He has now figured out that he gets to watch whatever shows he wants and that he has mommy's full attention.
I have just been busy going back and forth from school three times a day. I am really looking forward to next year when I only have to go twice!