Thursday, August 27, 2009

Malea Boogie Boarding

As I said in my last post, our day at the beach was great. One of the most fun things was that the kids went boogie boarding for the first time. Malea absolutely loved it and we could hardly get her off of the boogie board. The waves were perfect for her and the water was warm and clear. Here are some of the pictures we got of her.

Carlsbad Beach

On August 19th we went down to Carlsbad for my cousin's sons birthday. Joey turned 7 and it is tradition that he always has his birthday in Carlsbad, when Aunt Linda and Uncle Gordon have their condo week. This was the most perfect beach day for kids. The water was warm and clear, and there were very little waves. Really I have seen bigger waves at the lake. All of the kids loved playing in the sand and the water. It is unusual for my kids to even go near the water, becasue they are always afraid of the waves. This was a totally different story. Icouldn't get them out of the water.
Alex loved the sand the most.
Here he is with his sand eye patch. He thought it was funny.

Malea and Maddie playing in the sand.

Malea and maddie playing near the water

Andrew actually walking into the water.

We had a fabulous day. Unfortunately, I had called Andrew's school and told them that he was sick and would not be attending school that day, and then that afternoon he really did get sick. At least I wasn't a liar. Poor kid was sick the rest of the night.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Easter pictures that I just found

So I know that I am way behind, but I lost my camera at my Mom's house on Easter, and we just recently found it. So here are some pictures from Easter.
Alex liked putting his feet in my Mom's pool, more than looking for eggs.
Here are the kids after their Easter egg hunt. Alex did love eating all of the candy.
Andrew hunting for eggs

Malea hunting for eggs

Andrew, Malea and Alex before church. It was such a beautiful day.

Our new house

This is one of the views from our front yard. I think that the mountains are quite lovely. I can't wait until the end of winter and spring when they are more green. Another view of the mountains.
The planter that we just planted. All of the landscaping was completely dead, so we have been working hard and still have a lot of work to do.

This is our house. We are really loving it here and it is so nice to finally have our very own home. We still have lots of work to do though.